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Whispers of Kink is proud to announce that we will be moving from or our original space to a new space closer to downtown Rochester.

I started actively looking for a new place about 2 months ago. We just knew that we had to find a better space for you, as the current structure started to have some problems, as some of you have noticed. That to me, was an immediate sign that it was time to start fresh!!

It didnt take me long and I found this fabulous space closer to downtown. Right now, we are in the process of finalizing lease agreements. As soon as that is done then we are on to the daunting task of moving everything from storage to our new space.

(If you are seeking to be in service, now is your chance. I won't turn down the help of strong hands and muscle!).

If you have submitted a form for a session with myself, Madam Electra, Lady Kat, or Riley, we will complete the screening, but will not be able to book you just yet until we are all settled in. I apologize for the delay, but it will be worth the wait.

We do miss working with you and we look forward to seeing you again, or for the first time.

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One of our biggest requests here at Whisper of Kink, is a request for pegging. Some may cringe at the idea, but really, men want it! and they want it ALOT!!

But here is the deal, #1 pay for play is considered prostitution, and we are not prostitutes.

I will peg my partner, or friends at a play party, no problem. But as a profession, it is not something that we can do. That is the most important thing to remember.

Second, even if we did, you have a huge responsibility to come to us prepared. And I mean PREPARED. PREPPED, and CLEAN as a fucking whistle!!

Past experiences in personal life leave us no choice but to believe that this cannot always be accomplished so we just leave it alone. There are so many other fun things that we can do to you.

I mean, I will definitely bring out the strap on or dildo and make you suck on it.

Some ProDommes will do it all day long, at every session, at every party, and I am not begrudging that. It is just not something we offer. If you need to feel full, a butt plug is allowed.

If you become established at Whispers, who knows, you might get a treat one day. Maybe. We will have to talk about it. :)

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Covid has wreaked havoc on many small businesses. Sex work is no different. Although I do not have sex with my clients, and the ladies of Whispers of Kink also, do not have sex with our clients, our work is still considered sex work. As a professional Dominatrix, who works in person, face to face, Covid shut our shit down. ZERO INCOME! No bailouts, no tax breaks, nothing! Everything just stopped!

Lady Kat and Riley are established online on different platforms, Riley has a film career also, so they were able to still get some income from those virtual platforms. They still retained some regular clients. Things were ok.

Then that stopped!!! Not completely, its just slower. Now, after a semi-recovery from Covid, we are now in a recession. A recession that is supposed to really kick in in the spring of 2023. So, they say. Who knows. What we do know, is that every fucking thing is going up in price, and our overhead is getting more expensive.

So, what do we all do in this climate?

Well, Whispers of Kink is still here. Our calendar is a little more open, but we are here.

Online kink is fun. But we like to get our hands on you!! Recession or not, we hope you still treat yourself for a session.

Thank you to all of you who hung in there with us and thank you in advance to those who have yet to experience the talent of the Dommes of Whispers of Kink. YOUR SECRET IS OUR BUSINESS!!

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