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Covid has wreaked havoc on many small businesses. Sex work is no different. Although I do not have sex with my clients, and the ladies of Whispers of Kink also, do not have sex with our clients, our work is still considered sex work. As a professional Dominatrix, who works in person, face to face, Covid shut our shit down. ZERO INCOME! No bailouts, no tax breaks, nothing! Everything just stopped!

Lady Kat and Riley are established online on different platforms, Riley has a film career also, so they were able to still get some income from those virtual platforms. They still retained some regular clients. Things were ok.

Then that stopped!!! Not completely, its just slower. Now, after a semi-recovery from Covid, we are now in a recession. A recession that is supposed to really kick in in the spring of 2023. So, they say. Who knows. What we do know, is that every fucking thing is going up in price, and our overhead is getting more expensive.

So, what do we all do in this climate?

Well, Whispers of Kink is still here. Our calendar is a little more open, but we are here.

Online kink is fun. But we like to get our hands on you!! Recession or not, we hope you still treat yourself for a session.

Thank you to all of you who hung in there with us and thank you in advance to those who have yet to experience the talent of the Dommes of Whispers of Kink. YOUR SECRET IS OUR BUSINESS!!

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Your secret is our business

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