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Client compliments

BDSM in all of its forms is a passion here at Whispers of Kink. We pride ourselves on our experience, our competence, and our professionalism.  In their own words, here what are patrons have to say.

We look forward to adding your reference as well. 

Tickle Torture Session


Service Name

When I met Madam Electra the first thing that stood out was her attention to detail.  Taking the time to understand exactly what made me tick and what I wanted to get out of the session.  I felt comfortable, with a little bit of anticipation and fear as expected in a Tickle Torture session. Madam Electra is easily the best tickler!! I ever met and it did not take  her very long to discover my most ticklish spots on my body. The slow build up of her tickle teasing and then increasing intensity, along with verbal teasing drove me absolutely wild. By the time the scene was over, I was completely exhausted from laughing so hard. She also knew how far to push my buttons and kept the scene safe. 

 Female Domination and Giantess

Bondage Boy


Service Name

Madam Electra, Just wanted to tell you again how awesome that last session was. Encasement bondage under female authority. Pinching my nose closed while gagged was something I always thought was super hot but I never would have asked for it. Laying down on top of me while strapped up just about fried my fetish brain Same with the whispering teasing words in my ears. It’s possible you know more about my triggers than I do. Til next time Madam time. Be well! M


Service Name

 "Lady Kat's experience in her field shows, she is understanding and encourages her clients to push their limits in a safe and consensual way. Her gentle yet dominating tone mixed with her height made it hard to say no to anything she requested. Looking up to her and doing what she wanted was a great experience and I look forward to meeting with her again. I would recommend 10/10!" 

Corporal punishment/Cbt

 Spanking and Discipline


Service Name

 I highly recommend Whispers of Kink. Madame Electra and Lady Kat are strict, but fair and reasonable. They get results! But they do not injure, and you leave better and more conscientious than you arrived. You will not be disappointed!


​​I highly recommend Lady Kat from Whispers of Kink. She’s firm, but fair, and leaves you with a sense of having spent your time well and emerging a better person. After my sessions with he, I focused better, and paid more attention to my tasks. 




Service Name

​​Lady Kat is a great first choice if your a novice or not.   For me, she had the perfect mix of authority and power with the care and ability to understand her sub. She's strict but also understanding as she guides you, and teaches you, to be more.

 I'm looking forward to many more bd/sm sessions and experiences with Lady Kat. I can't say enough good things about her. 

 This is only a small sample of some of the experiences provided by the Dommes of Whispers of Kink.  

Knowledge, competence and many years of experience allow us to provide professional fetish fantasy in a positive, discreet and supportive environment. We look forward to cultivating a professional relationship with you, to expand on your experiences and make them everything you have dreamed of. 

Madam Electra


Service Name

 Fetish Dreams Made a Reality.

I recently was planning a visit to the Rochester area, and saw and ad for Whispers of Kink to add to my itinerary during my time in town. From the very first contact, Madam Electra was not only a true professional, but her kind, caring ways came thru in her correspondence. She laid out what was required, and took the time to answer ALL of my questions and encouraged me to even ask more so that I could feel as comfortable as possible about our session together. When it was time for our session, she met me and immediately put me at ease; we sat, chatted, and got to know one another a bit before our play time. As for the session itself, well, let's just say that she listened and remember each and every one of my desires, and made out time together some of the most outstanding I have ever spent, and this is coming from someone who has been in the scene for well over 25 years. Afterwards, we sat and chatted some more, she gave me a tour of the facility, and certainly made me feel welcome and calm as opposed to rushing me out the door. I cannot recommend Madam Electra enough for a thoughtful, fulfilling, session. sincerely, sub s

Your secret is our business

Discretion is assured and appreciated.  We will never break client confidentiality.  We pride ourselves on respectful safe, sane, and consensual experiences.  We look forward to working with you.

Your secret is our business

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